Garden sculpture competition

Have you seen the friendly giant around Wilmslow town? We need your help!

Last week, we were visited by a friendly giant. His eyes were quite sore and he needed a new pair of sunglasses to protect his eyes in the sun.

On his way home, the friendly giant dropped his new sunglasses in our garden, but they are far too big for us to move.

That’s why we need your help to find the giant and give him his sunglasses back.

We want you to draw the best picture you can of a friendly giant and ask your parents to bring it to our practice. You may even see the giant’s sunglasses in our garden when you deliver your drawing.

The best picture of the giant will win a free pair of sunglasses, so that you can protect your eyes in the sun, just like the friendly giant.

You will have to get your drawings to us quickly though, as the friendly giant is going on holiday and we need to see all of your drawings by Saturday 31st August.

Make sure you write your name, address and phone number in big writing on the back of the drawing. We will contact the winner and make sure your brand new sunglasses fit comfortably.

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