Emergency Glass Repairs

By the time you finish your drink, we’ll have your glasses repaired and ready to go

Isn’t it annoying when your only pair of spectacles breaks? Especially, if you rely on them to help you drive, read, and get on with your daily activities – it can completely stop you in your tracks.


If only there was somewhere and someone who could fix your glasses quickly and efficiently. At Albert Road Opticians we can. We have an on-site manufacturing service, which enables our experienced team to complete an array of emergency repairs.

Even if a screw holding your treasured glasses together is a little bit loose, or your frame has been completely broken. We have the facilities to fix your glasses quicker than any other optician in Cheshire.

We promise to get your glasses back to you the same day. However, if you need them straight away you’re more than welcome to wait. We’ll offer you a cup of tea and by the time you have finished, they will be as good as new and ready for you to take home.

Even if you normally go to another optician, you’re more than welcome and we are always happy to help. Many of our clients just pop in and ask us to repair the odd nose pad because they know how quick and reliable our service is – so feel free to give us a ring.

We’re always here and happy to help! If your glasses ever break/you would like a simple repair to be made then please, in the first instance, send us a couple of pictures of the problem, we will assess and get back to you with the best course of action. Email your pics to: info@albertroadoptician.co.uk